Published on 14 July 2021

BModesto Group will become the parent brand of our subsidiaries BModesto, BMclinical and BMmedical. Due to the explosive growth in recent years, it became more common to communicate as a group. In order to give an even better expression to the cooperation and cohesion between our subsidiaries, we as a organization will now also formally position ourselves as the BModesto Group.

A brief history: BModesto started in 2014, as a pharmaceutical wholesaler specializing in the parallel import of medicines. We started with a small team in a small office, with the aim to shake up the pharmaceutical market and change it for the better. Now, 7 years later, we have over 120 employees working for the group, spread over several companies in different countries. In recent years, BModesto has expanded introducing two sister companies: BMclinical, a company that offers cost- and time-saving solutions for clinical trials and BMmedical, an international wholesaler specialized in the parallel import of medical devices.

Every company plays an important role in within the healthcare market. Together we work hard on realizing our mission: to improve the availability, accessibility and affordability of healthcare resources in the Netherlands and beyond. We aim for a world in which everyone has access to affordable healthcare resources at all times. For better care and well-being of our loved ones. Would you like to know more about our subsidiaries? Click here!