Hi, we are the BModesto Group

A better care and well-being for our loved ones

That’s what drives us.


OUR mission

Improving the availability, accessibility & affordability of global healthcare resources.

How do we do this?


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Our companies

Our group consists of four companies, each of which plays an important role in the healthcare market.

We are BMmedical: an international wholesaler of medical devices and OTC. We buy and sell high-quality medical devices from all different EU countries.

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We are BMclinical: an international partner in providing time- and cost-effective solutions for clinical studies.

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We are BModesto: an independent international wholesaler specialized in the parallel import of medicines into the Netherlands and the EU.

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We are SynCo pharma: a pharmaceutical wholesaler focused on supplying (re- and parallel imported) medicines to wholesalers and pharmacies on the German market.

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