Published on 16 June 2023

Over the past few days, the BModesto Group has again been able to make some nice donations in cooperation with the Lelystadse Uitdaging foundation.

For example, brand new laptops have been donated to students of Lelytalent and mini freezers to Stichting Zuiderzee Zwerfdieren and Youth for Christ Netherlands. All organizations based in Lelystad.

”The Werkbedrijf Lelystad provides the right match between company and young people. The focus of Project Lelytalent is on a more intensive guidance of the young people. This is done by a work master within the learning company, a job coach from the Werkbedrijf Lelystad and/or a special plus coach from education who supports in developing social skills and dealing with problems”.

Stichting Zuiderzee Zwerfdieren
”In Lelystad, stray animals live in deplorable conditions. Many of them have worms, bite wounds, inflammations in their mouths or are (seriously) ill. Stichting Zuiderzee Zwerfdieren cares about the fate of the animals and aims to reduce the number of stray animals in Lelystad, Flevoland and the Noordoostpolder.”

Youth for Christ Netherlands
”Youth for Christ is active in some twenty-five places with missionary, relational and preventive youth work. We meet teens and young people on the streets and in schools, for example with our mobile meeting places (MOPs), we play a game of soccer on squares and organize craft afternoons for girls from elementary school. We also organize drop-in moments and activities in our youth centers where young people can play games, pool or chill out. We also offer homework help and support young people one-on-one with practical matters if needed.