Our story

BModesto was founded in 2014 in Lelystad as a pharmaceutical wholesaler of parallel imported medicine. With the aim of bringing positive changes and developments to the Dutch healthcare market. Since 2021, BModesto has been part of the BModesto Group, an umbrella organisation for the companies BModesto, BMclinical, BMmedical, SynCo pharma and Doncaster Pharma. Together, we work on an international scale towards our mission; improving the availability, accessibility & affordability of healthcare resources. Each Group entity contributes to this in its own way. The BModesto Group is owned by Ireland’s Uniphar Group, a listed multinational with a similar mission to that of the BModesto Group. In a short time, we have experienced tremendous development and growth as a Group. With the wind in our sails, we are trying to maintain this course. To make a real contribution to healthcare. For ourselves, our parents, our children and everyone else who is dear to us.

Oprichting BModesto


Founding BModesto

On January 20, 2014, owner Michael Hendriks establishes the parallel import company BModesto in Lelystad.


Founding BMclinical

Sister company BMclinical is founded. BMclinical focuses on providing comparator drugs and other services for clinical studies.

Oprichting BMmedical


Founding BMmedical

With BMmedical, a second sister company is added to the organisation. BMmedical is an international wholesaler for medical devices.



Move into new business premises Minervaweg

Due to the enormous growth of the organization, there is a need for a new business premises. In February, the employees of BModesto and BMclinical move into the brand new, state-of-the-art business premises.


Founding BModesto Group

The BModesto Group is founded in 2021 as an umbrella brand for the companies BModesto, BMclinical, BMmedical, SynCo pharma and Doncaster Pharma Ltd.



Addition of business premises Niels Bohrweg

Due to the continued growth of the BModesto Group, the headquarters on the Minervaweg became too small and part of the office staff moved to an extra location on the Niels Bohrweg.


Addition SynCo pharma

Parallel import company SynCo pharma is added to the BModesto Group and will focus on supplying medicines to wholesalers and pharmacies in the German market.

Addition Doncaster


Addition Doncaster Pharma Ltd.

Parallel import company Doncaster Pharma is added to the BModesto Group and focuses on supplying medicines to wholesalers and pharmacies in the UK.


Acquisition of the BModesto Group by Uniphar Group

Ireland-based Uniphar Group acquires the BModesto Group. The BModesto Group and its subsidiaries will become property of Uniphar through the acquisition, and will continue to operate under its own name.


As the BModesto Group, we work hard every day on our mission: to improve the availability, accessibility, & affordability of global healthcare resources. Every company within our group plays an important role in this process.

Through the right collaboration, dedication and by staying close to our values, we work together towards a world in which every person has access to affordable healthcare at all times. For a better care and well-being of our loved ones.


Our leadership is driven by a passion for entrepreneurship and extensive knowledge and experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

Michael Hendriks

Managing Director BModesto Group

Daan Brons

General Manager BModesto Group

Dianne Hakbijl

Financial Director BModesto Group

Eveline van Schie

Technical Director BModesto Group

Nando van de Streek
Nando van de Streek

Lead Procurement & Trade

Bas Hupkes
Bas Hupkes

Business Lead Parallel Import

Robin Marcus
Robin Marcus

Director BModesto NL

Shanelle Mehta
Shanelle Mehta

Director BMclinical

Marco Moehring

Director BMmedical

Lena Giesen

Director SynCo pharma

Nicola Cook
Nicola Cook

Director Doncaster Pharma

Roy van Voorst
Roy van Voorst

Consultant BModesto Group

people, planet, prosperity

We believe that as an organization you not only have the responsibility to take care of your financial health, but also the health of the people and the world around you. That is why we work hard every day on our mission to improve the worldwide availability, accessibility and affordability of healthcare resources. We work closely together with (local) charities and organizations that strive for the same. In this way we ensure better care and well-being for our loved ones together.