Published on 5 June 2024

BModesto Group, a Dutch organisation operating as a pharmaceutical wholesaler specialising in the parallel import of medicines, today signed the Green Deal Sustainable Care 3.0. With this step, BModesto Group is making a modest but important contribution to the ambitions for sustainable healthcare.

It is of great importance that the healthcare sector collectively takes responsibility to reduce the CO2 footprint of 7% in the Dutch healthcare sector. Therefore, BModesto Group has decided to join the Green Deal Sustainable Care 3.0 from today, on World Environment Day.

The Green Deal is an agreement between the central government and various parties to realise sustainable care. This deal, called Working Together on Sustainable Care, is facilitated by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) and supported by the healthcare sector. Based on a shared urgency and the conviction that making the healthcare sector sustainable is necessary and feasible, the parties involved aim with this Green Deal to achieve an irreversible transformation to healthcare with minimal impact on climate, environment and living environment by 2050.

Daan Brons, General Manager of BModesto Group: “As a major player in supplying medicines to pharmacists, wholesalers and hospitals in the Netherlands, we see that sustainability is becoming increasingly important. The best way to tackle this effectively is to do it together, which is why the Green Deal Sustainable Care is so important. It is symbolic that we do this on World Environment Day and at the same time a modest step in our journey towards more sustainable care. Besides improving our own operations and reducing our carbon footprint, we also want to better inform our customers to reduce medicine waste and support sustainable care initiatives.”

Green Deal tekenen
Daan Brons, General Manager BModesto Group

About BModesto Group

BModesto Group is a Dutch organisation operating as a pharmaceutical wholesaler specialising in parallel import of medicines and also the parent company of BModesto, BMmedical, BMclinical, Doncaster Pharma and SynCo Pharma. The BModesto Group and its subsidiaries are part of the Irish Uniphar group and operate independently under their own name on the European market.