Published on 20 January 2023

Being a CSR-driven organisation, the BModesto Group is very proud and happy to be able to support the Groente en Fruitbrigade in cooperation with the Lelystadse Uitdaging with a nice donation.

The BModesto Group believes that as an organisation, you not only take care of your financial health, but also the health of the people and the world around you. This is why the BModesto Group works daily with (local) charities and agencies that have the same aim.

For several years, the BModesto Group has been a proud partner of the Lelystadse Uitdaging, an organisation dedicated to social and community initiatives in Lelystad and its surroundings. This time it was possible to support the Groente & Fruitbrigade in cooperation with the Lelystadse Uitdaging. ‘‘The Groente & Fruitbrigade receives batches of misfits and surpluses from growers or traders. On site, the brigadiers check the fruit and vegetables for quality. Then distribution centres collect the fresh produce and distribute it to food banks”.

”Every week enough fresh fruit and vegetables for all food bank customers in the Netherlands” – mission of the Groente & Fruitbrigade.

To support the Groente & Fruitbrigade, the BModesto Group is donating a substantial number of brown crates so that they can be used in logistics to food banks throughout the Netherlands. The crates were handed over and collected at BModesto Group’s headquarters.

The BModesto Group is happy to commit to sustainability and society in this way. By supporting the Groente & Fruitbrigade, food bank customers are given the opportunity to eat healthier and food surpluses and waste are reduced.